Thomas Zhou

Thomas been in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry since 1993 after graduating as Professional Chef, Class One, from Hotel School in Bulawayo, working for African Sun by then. He served under various hotel units across Zimbabwe in different capacities such as Rainbow Tourism Group in Victoria Falls, ZIM SUN, AFRICAN ALIBIDA, INTROWISE where he got a lot of experience in dealing with a lot of international clients.

He joined Cresta Group of Hotels in 2000 as an Executive Chef up to 2005 before going to Botswana and later South Africa before proceeding to Democratic Republic of Congo as a Catering Manager working under ISS, a South African Company. He was then promoted to a Project Manager for the same company from 2007 up to 2014.

He later came in 2015 to re-join A Zambezi River Lodge under Rainbow Tourism Group and later Rainbow Towers in Harare. He is a member of Zimbabwe Chef Association.