Sterling Life with Centenarians

At Sterling Group of Hotels, we believe that the elderly are not only a source of wisdom and experience, but also a treasure of our society. That is why we celebrate and honour the lives of centenarians, who have reached the remarkable milestone of 100 years or more. We pride ourselves in providing them with quality hospitality and care when they visit.

Some of the Centenarians we managed to host recently at Sterling Hotel, Bulawayo

As Sterling Group of Hotels, we have a special connection with the elder community. Sterling Hotel (Bulawayo) and Sterling Hotel and Conference Center (Mvurwi) were both former homes for the elderly before we acquired the properties and converted them into hotels.

We value the culture and history that these properties stood for in taking care of the elderly for several years, and we are honoured to carry on the torch of hospitality as we offer our valued patrons accommodation and a unique experience.

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